Enabling the Global energy Transition

SkySails Group Kite made of yellow fabric in flight

Our Business Units for a Greener Future

SkySails is a group of companies with the mutual mission to provide technologies and solutions that drive the global energy transition. We draw on 20 years of experience with automatic kite systems and the maritime sector. Today, SkySails consists of four business units:

SkySails Power

Airborne Wind Energy Systems: Our Airborne Wind Energy Systems provide reliable and clean energy by harnessing powerful high-altitude winds.

SkySails Marine Performance

Digital Vessel Optimization: Our software solutions for the shipping industry reduce operation costs by lowering fuel consumption and emissions.

SkySails Marine

Vessel Propulsion Systems: Our kite-based wind propulsion system reduces fuel consumption on cargo vessels and significantly lowers their operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

SkySails Yacht

Yacht Propulsion Systems: This kite-based wind propulsion system reduces fuel consumption and emissions on yachts. It also introduces new comforts to yachting thanks to its silent and stable operation.

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