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We are a Game Changer for the Global Energy Transition

Fighting climate change and succeeding in the energy transition are two of the biggest challenges humanity faces in the 21st century. At SkySails, we strive to play our part in tackling them. It is what motivates us to provide sustainable solutions for crucial sectors with a high impact:

Green Energy

We are all consuming more and more energy. To ensure the energy transition succeeds, we must make maximum use of every available renewable resource. Among these, wind power is one of the most cost-efficient, abundant, and environmentally friendly. Thanks to SkySails’ technology, we can now tap into energy-rich, high-altitude wind reservoirs for the very first time – a source of power that remained inaccessible until today.

Clean Shipping

Today, maritime emissions account for around three percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. The shipping industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. As international trade increases, these emissions will continue to rise as well. But we can cut down on harmful greenhouse gases by reducing fuel consumption on ships through new solutions and technologies. SkySails offers diverse hardware and software solutions that make shipping cleaner. Our towing kites pull cargo ships to save up to 10 tons of oil per day. And our performance monitoring optimizes ship operations, further helping to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Divisions – Discover our business units

SkySails is a group of companies with the mutual mission to provide technologies and solutions that drive the global energy transition.

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SkySails is driven by the common goal to make the world more sustainable. Everybody in our team plays a central role in realizing this and over the years, we have grown to over 130 people. Sounds interesting? Join us and help reshape the future!

About us - A passion for sustainability

The development and production of our innovative solutions and technologies takes place in Northern Germany. It´s where we create the sustainable products that can propel the energy transition anywhere in the world.

September 16, 2021
SkySails Group GmbH Secures Highly Experienced Green-Power Manager as its New CFO
July 12, 2021
Robert Habeck, Bundesvorsitzender Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, testet SkySails Power Flugwindkraftanlage in Schleswig-Holstein
April 29, 2021
SkySails Power GmbH and BWTS GmbH are entering into a close service partnership
February 25, 2021
SkySails Power GmbH is ready to deliver the first PN-14 airborne wind energy systems.

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